Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Its hot...

Ya its pretty hot right now but the rains are coming soon. So I am going to do my journal entries again cause I think they are fun. But first a quick update on life in general. I did in fact get chased by a baboon and let me tell you that I almost pissed my pants. I see baboons all the time but I now have a VERY healthy respect for them. I have my first project, a cashew orchard in my village. Could make my village a ton of money so I am really hoping this works out. I was planning on trying to do it next rainy season but the village wanted to sowe this rainy season so despite the fact I really dont know what I am doing I am knee deep in this one. Fingers crossed!!! So I am in Kombo (the city) for a little while. Got to get some stitches taken out and also get a dog bite looked at. The dog bite has potential to be rabid so I have to stay here until I can get more details. Also we have an inservice training next week. Anyway enough of that boring stuff. JOURNAL ENTRIES!!

Journal Entry 303:

Today I had one of those "I have come a long way havent I?" moments. It started at 6:30 when I woke up to go throw my daily ritual of throwing rocks at the guiennea fowl on my roof. You see I sleep outside now (too hot to sleep indoors) and those buggers are noisy. Once they had flown away I went back to sleep for another half hour. Now that by itself might not seem terribly unusual but I left out an important detail. i did all of this and was not the least bit grumpy. Its just a part of my daily routine now. Those of you who know me, know that 6:30 am and not being grumpy never occur at the same time for me in America. So thats the first IHCLWHI? moment. The second occured when I opened my door to go and greet my family. I stepped outside and looked down to find a small child dragging a fresh goat head tied to a strip of fabric. Four months ago I would have thought "What....The....Duece....that is so wrong!" but instead my first thought was "Awesome, there will be goat in the rice bowl today." Yep I have come a long way.

Journal Entry 139:

Earliar I wrote about the young girl who ran in fear from me. I was shocked at the time that as a teenager she was still so frightned. Well today I met an old man who reacted in much the same way. I wont go as far as to say that I was the first whiteman he had ever seen but it was still hilarious. I was walking out of the bush on a rarely used trail. I had an axe over my shoulder as I had just got done helping my host brothers collect some fire wood. Now I must admit I was not a pretty site at that moment. I had three months of untrimmed beard growth (Its at four now) and I was quite dirty. He was absolutly terrified, his eyes got huge as I rounded the corner and he limped over to the nearest mango tree and hid behind it. At first maybe I thought he was peeing or had some sort of business over there, that is until he peaked his head around to see if I was still there. When he saw I had not moved he quickly disappeared back behind the tree. I just laughed and laughed hard. He must have thought I was a lunatic, got to love it.

Hope you enjoy it, leave any suggestions for future posts.