Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Packing and other thoughts.

So I suppose I shall start a blog, apparently this is what people do when they join peace corp. I initially had no intentions of blogging, but my family and friends thought that was a terrible idea, so here I am.

Many of you are probably wondering whats going on in my head right now? Hows packing? Am I nervous? Excited? Terrified? Crazy?

Well packing goes pretty good, I have most of the big stuff but I am just trying to nail down all the little things I take for granted. Like toenail clippers or cue tips. I am semi worried I will forget something important but as long  I got a good pair of shoes and clothes on my back I will be good. Oh and my ipod, if I forgot that I would be devastated. By the way I am still working on my 'music I wont get tired of after two years' playlist so any suggestions you guys have would be great.

As far as what is going on in my head, well it may not be what you think. At the moment my days are pretty much consumed with coaching. I have found it really hard to focus on peace corp when I am in the middle of assistant coaching both the girls and boys basketball teams. We are installing a new offense, which has been pretty time consuming for us coaches. My approach for this whole trip is that I am not going to seriously think about whats in store for me until I get on that plane and everything gets real. For me it is silly to try and predict what to expect over there. There is no precedent in my life for this event, ya I went off to college and lived on my own for four years but I was surrounded by my fellow Americans. Ya i went to Mongolia but that was only for one month. All I know is its going to be a life changing event and that in all likelihood times are going to get tough for me. I think knowing that much should suffice.

I like lists by the way so i will end this post with two lists:

Things I am excited for:
1. Learning a new language
2. Assimilating into a new culture
3. Meeting new people
4.Learning some new things about myself
5. Using my skills to help a less fortunate group of people.

Things that scare me:
1. Seafood
2. Giant terrifying bugs
3. Getting sick
4. Culture shock (its impossible to prepare for in my opinion)
5. Getting my ipod stolen

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