Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quick and Dirty

They now call me Alajie Bombo Mussa Ceesay, which roughtly translates to "Man who took a Hajj, Crocodile Man, Moses....Ceesay" I am no longer Seth, I no longer respond to Seth, I only respond to Alajie......I was absolutly shocked when I saw a white guy in my village the other day, I was thinking to myself "What in the world are you doing here?" Yep im pretty much Gambian now.

The langauge learning goes great, I can finally tell someone "I farted" "You are as fat as a donkey" and "I am the best dancer" so I am pretty satisfied with my progress.

I will admit that the food is rough. Rice, bread, and fish is what I have evvvveeerrydaaay, whenever I get a chance I will tell someone how amazing hamburgers are. Every once and a while when things are rough I will stare at the picture of a hamburger I have hanging up in my room. I will just stare at it and imagine what it tastes like, drool will slowly drip from my mouth....ya I am only a month in guys. No worrys though, I did something about my burger craving and went and got some beef grounded up and made some little burger sliders...twas great!

Got super sick last week, there was a point were I was afraid I would never experience a solid poop again. But yesterday morning I finally had a solid movement and you would not believe how excited I was, I seriously started dancing.

Training goes great, I found out my permanment site.....Dobong Kunda.....which is by Bansang.....for those who want to look at a map. I will be doing beekeeping, poultry managment, and really whatever I feel like taking on...maybe some teaching, hopefully sports....awesome right? I am really excited to get done with training and go to my site. Anyways all is well folks.....sorry it was so quick and dirty but I had a certain brother who was complaining and what not. :)

Once I get to my site I promise a nice and detailed post, until then I am off to practice my Mandinken!!! Cheers! or uhhh Fooooo Waaatido!!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for doing a blog. It will help all of us who are desperate for news from our "son" who has traveled so far from home. Blessings always!

    P.S. Brownie Delights AND hamburgers will be waiting for you

  2. Wow! Glad to see you're having fun. You're even eating fish. This is amazing.